How to Take this Course

Welcome to wikiHow's Origami for Beginners!

This course was designed to to teach you the basics of origami, and you'll finish it with 8 origami figures in hand.

  • Take the course at your own pace. Pause, rewind, and search the captions for keywords in each video.
  • Make multiple versions of tricky figures until you get it just right.
  • After making a figure with the video, test yourself by folding the figures with just the diagram.

Before you begin:

  • Find some origami paper! Origami paper is square and comes in all sizes. It can be white on one side and colored on the other on colored on both sides.
  • If you'd rather not purchase origami paper, feel feel to make your own! Use this handy wikiHow article to learn how to make origami paper.

When You're Done:

  • Share your feedback with wikiHow through the Google Form at the end of the course. We'd love to know how to improve this and future courses.
  • Plus, submit a picture of your finished origami for a chance to be featured on wikiHow!